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Pat's Carpet Repair

Saving Carpet Lives Since 1995! Pat's Carpet Repair

We believe the customer decides if they need new carpet, not the salesman!

Services Offered

Our carpet experts can fix ripples, burns, pet damage and more, adding years to your carpet. We utilize the most current, up to date equipment for stretching, patching and other repairs your carpet may need.

Good Customer Service and a Meticulous Work Ethic is the Key to our Success

Two very important ingredients for a successful business;

  1. Great customer service.
    This means good communication with the customer. Answer the phone. Let the customer know when you will be there. Show up on time!
  2. Meticulous work ethic.
    We like to sleep well at night, that's why we never leave a job until it's done right.
    Our carpet experts take pride in their work.

Let’s Discuss Your Carpet Repair Needs

If your carpet is in disrepair, call today;
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