Expert Carpet Repair Work by Skilled Carpet Professionals

At Pat's Carpet Repair we have the right solution for any carpet problem. With over 30 years in the business, we've just about seen everything.

Repairing is better than Replacing

Carpet Stretching

Keep The Carpet!

Does your carpet have bumps and ripples?

Why replace your carpet when it can be stretched?

Our carpet specialists have the most advanced tools and equipment to power stretch your carpet tight as it should be.

Please Note; Carpet is designed to lay flat. Ripples in your carpet over time, will damage your carpet. Ripples can also become a serious trip hazard! So don’t wait, schedule your appointment today!

Carpet Patching

A dog may be a man's best friend but today, Pat's Carpet Repair is your best friend!

Did Bingo try and dig a tunnel under the bedroom door?

Good news, you can keep Bingo and your carpet too!
Our carpet specialists are the best this side of the Mississippi!!
We can patch your carpet and make it look like nothing ever happened!

Stair Carpet Stretching

Because stairways have the most foot traffic, your stair carpets might show ripples sooner. Let us help make them look nice and tight again. We have special tools designed for stretching your stairs.


Basements sometimes get wet. A restoration company may remove some old padding to help the carpet dry. When everything is dry, we come in, install new padding and get your basement all buttoned up, just in time for the game this weekend!

Pat's Carpet Repair, saving carpet since 1995!